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Holding Hands

Women’s Ministry

A ministry designed to strengthen, encourage and equip women for victorious Christian living. Activities include biblically based teaching and fellowship specifically to address the needs of women.

  Tel: 910.762.8186

Youth Ministry

These ministries are designated to build our children with the Word of God so that they will be equipped to make a difference in their world as they reach adulthood.

Contact Janetta Robinson  |  Tel: 910.762.8186


Men's Ministry

A time of biblical based teaching and fellowship designed specifically to

address the needs of men.

Contact Edward Marshburn  |  Tel: 910.762.8186

Music Sheets and a Cross

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry provides praise through song. It provides and nurtures a personal relationship and musical offering of the church, so that members and visitors may be instructed in the faith uplifted through music.

Tel: 910.762.8186


Other Ministries

At Mt. Calvary, we have several ministries that are fit for anyone, at any age, and that can cater to the whole family. Come, get involved and worship the name of the Lord with us! We have ministries and activities designed to encourage, strengthen and help you to grow. 

Tel: 910.762.8186

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